Workplace Wellness

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We know that activity programs in the workplace can have a range of benefits for both employees and the organization itself. Apart from the direct correlation to better physical health outcomes, regular activity can also contribute to positive mental health, improvements in productivity, and decreases in the levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.

Do you need a simple activity to kick off a workplace wellness push?

You understand the potential benefits but need an easy place to start this process. The Unit Challenge can be facilitated very simply within an organisation and is a great entry level activity to get everyone engaged in a fun activity and ready to do more.

Do you need a novel way to refresh your current Workplace Program?

Over time activities that once worked well can become stale. For instance, step challenges have lost their broad appeal, and many other workplace activities are seen as too sporty or too focused on winning and losing, appealing to a narrow or declining band of enthusiastic employees. Unit challenge allows you to introduce a novel new approach where the emphasis is on variety, fun and importantly, inclusivity of all.

Do you need a better way to collate participation data and view program insights?

Our unique proposition values, encourages and rewards mindful data entry of participant activity and collates time based frequency and intensity data that is easy to collate, analyze and derive meaningful feedback and insights from. A key factor in proving out the ROI on workplace activity programs.

Do you require a simple technology roll out?

Many programs struggle because they require highly complex technical or organizational integrations to enable them to run across large and often disparate workforces. Technology provided by fitness trackers and smart watches has  exploded the amount of sophisticated movement data that can be captured, but at the same time has made the idea of unifying this technology into simple applications a nightmare.   Unit Challenge offers a simple smartphone app that doesn’t rely on integration of any personal equipment.


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