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Would you like a way to embed healthy usage amongst new members?

Running the Unit Challenge across your membership base can be a great way to introduce and really engage new members into your facility, ensuring that a consistent level of activity is maintained during that crucial first 4 week period to embed a long term habit.

Do you have an issue with attrition?

What a great way to re-engage members who have not been seen for a while or have got out of the habit of regular exercise. Keeping this group engaged is the perfect way to avoid high attrition rates.

Would you like to broaden the range of activities and facilities used by members?

Engaging members in a Unit Challenge is a great way to encourage them to try swimming or other class options as a way of earning units from multiple activities. Using more than one part of your facility can be a great tool for increased revenue and retention levels.

Would you like to encourage members to introduce new members?

The Unit Challenge can be an ideal way to facilitate a member-get-member campaign by allowing participants to include non-members in their team and to promote trial usage as part of the challenge. Friends bringing other friends, family members bringing other family members. How creative you get is up to you!

Would you like to engage with your local community?

The socially inclusive nature of the Unit Challenge is an ideal way to demonstrate your commitment to the health and wellbeing of the local community, rather than being seen as just a facility for privileged fit. Sponsoring or running a Challenge across a much larger community footprint could be a great way to promote your community role  … and not a bad way to get your brand out there in the meantime J

Equipment Suppliers – interested in building depth in your relationships and breadth in your offering?

Integrate the Unit Challenge proposition into your extended equipment and technology offering or sponsor a Unit Challenge across an area or a customer network.


If you’d like to discuss any of these opportunities or to examine how partnering with Unit Challenge can help develop your business in the Fitness & Leisure Industry, get in contact with us now.


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