Community Engagement

Activity in a fun & inclusive way


The Unit Challenge is a great mechanism to engage communities in a purposeful activity that can be tailored for the specific needs and objectives of each community.

The socially inclusive and broadly enabling characteristics of the program mean that audiences with specific needs or barriers can be catered for within the one program:

  • Low starting levels of fitness and/or mobility
  • Disability or other temporary or permanent physical impairment
  • Social isolation or struggling with mental health issues
  • Lack of access to sporting equipment, facilities, organised sports or sporting teams
  • Age barriers that limit normal participation in common activities
  • Cultural barriers that limit involvement in mainstream sport and physical activity


How could you use it in your Community?

  • Housing Associations running a Challenge across an estate to engage residents in a community style initiative, enabling families and friends to create their own teams or residents to join together
  • Sporting clubs and associations could create a virtual event amongst members to provide extra value for membership and provide a platform for social engagement
  • Sporting teams could use it to encourage participation and training routines amongst team members
  • Charities could use it as a fundraising event either accepting entry fees as donations or attracting sponsorship with a draw down pool of funds
  • Corporates and Brands wishing to engage more closely with communities for CSR or commercial objectives could use it as a high engagement platform


If you’d like to discuss any of these opportunities or to examine how partnering with Unit Challenge can help develop your Community Engagement endeavours, get in contact with us now.


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