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Pre launch beta download made available on registration to the 'Unit Challenge'


The Unit Challenge runs over 8 weeks, long enough to create real lasting change, whilst short enough to maintain motivation. The unique system comprising of Grades and Levels allows you to tailor your Unit Challenge

The Grade determines the level of difficulty, as measured by exercise duration. Grade A being the longest and therefore most difficult. The duration is the minimum required for each exercise type to achieve a single Unit

The Level you choose determines how many times you aim to exercise weekly. The aim being to exercise to at least the minimum duration in order to achieve a Unit of exercise

At the end of each week you’ll submit your Units and be award points. 10 points if you achieve your target Units, 12 if you do an additional Unit. Your overall target is to reach 80 points. Don’t worry about the math, the app does that for you

Really get the most out of the Unit Challenge by creating or joining a team with your co-workers

Can you push yourself beyond your goals? If you can reach 100 points you will be awarded the status of Unit Challenge Centurion


How does it work?

What is a Unit?

The Unit Challenge is based on achieving “units” of exercise, you decide the activity and duration, and how many “units” you aim to achieve each week, the app will do the rest for you; help you keep on track, form and work with a team, and basically support you to work towards your goals.


The Unit Challenge develops exercise discipline and promotes regularity of exercise by setting achievable goals within a personal framework, helping you plan your life with exercise in mind.  It encourages you to maintain effort levels; and provides an incentive to do more than you otherwise would.

Social Encouragement

It’s a non-threatening, goal orientated, self-motivational exercise tool, applicable to all, and it encourages individuals to challenge themselves to regularly exercise. Motivation, support and encouragement comes through sharing with others, and perhaps a hint of competition!

Who's it for?

The Unit Challenge is for individuals and groups requiring extra motivation and a framework for exercise.  Core to the Unit Challenge is Personal Integrity; this is not a competition with others; more with yourself.


It’s all about inclusion and participation with others.
“No other fitness / exercise programme allows a post-natal mother to exercise and get equal reward/recognition for their exercise compared to someone training for a triathlon”.

Back yourself to win

Motivation is reinforced by sharing, but why not pledge a nominal amount to the charity of your choice if you succeed, research has shown even a small external reference makes a difference. This is of course optional.


Integrates with leading wearable and fitness apps*

Clean and simple design

* Requires user to access Apple Healthkit and Googlefit

Our Value Proposition



Any activity, to your ability, on a level playing field, mutually motivating.



Scalable and configurable platform. Branded or white label versions. Aggregated user data.



Socially inclusive & effective across a broad cohort. Demonstrated 65% increase in frequency & duration of activity.




Scalable business model through multiple markets & channels. A unique offering via the normalisation engine.



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  • Fitness & Leisure Industry

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  • Workplace Wellness

    Change up your approach

  • Community Engagement

    Activity in a fun & inclusive way

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